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Digger Derrick Trucks

We carry a large variety of used reconditioned digger derrick trucks. Our brands include Altec, Telelect, Terex & Hydraulic Pressure Diggers. These digger trucks come in many different configurations, including riding consoles, dual controls, & rear controls. There are many different boom capacities & heights are available as well.

Our supply of digger derrick trucks have been distributed across the US to industries such as electric co-op’s,  telecommunications, contractors, utility contractors, & oil field service to name a few.

Supplying used digger derrick trucks since 1989!

Give us a call to discuss your next purchase. We know & understand the use for these trucks.


Digger Trucks!
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TRUCK:  1998 Ford F-700,  5.9 Cummins,  7 Speed,  AC,  120k Miles,  Bench Seat, Two 50 Gallon Tanks,  11.22.5 Budds 50% Avg. 

DIGGER:  Telelect 4045 Digger Derrick,  45 Foot Sheave Height,  Riding Console,  2 Speed Digger,  Pole Claws,  3 Stage Hydraulic,  Turrant Winch,  25,900 Lb. Capacity,  Front Bumper Winch,  Joy Stick Controls

Here is a well maintained digger from one of the southern co-ops!

PRICE: $37,500



Telelect Digger Derrick Truck
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4 X 4



TRUCK:  2001 International 4800,  DT-466DE,  69 k Miles,  AC, 4 X 4 All Wheel Drive,  Bench Seat,  11.R22.5 Budd Wheels @ 50% avg.  New DOT Inspection   

DIGGER:  Telelect 4047,  Riding Console,  47 Foot Sheave Height,  18,800 Lb. Capacity,  Pole Claws,  2 Speed Digger,  Hydraulic Hose Reel,  4 Hydraulic Outriggers,  Pintle Hitch with Air Brake Hook Up

A nice power company maintained truck!

4 Wheel Drive!

PRICE: $39,500



Altex Digger Truck.
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TRUCK:  1999 Ford F750,  5.9 Cummins,  107 k Miles,  215 HP,  6 + 2 Speed,  AC,  Hydraulic Front Winch, Bench Seat 

DIGGER:  Altex D-947,  Riding Console, 2 Speed Digger,  Pole Claws,  Boom Tip Winch

PRICE: $29,500



Telelect riding consoles digger trucks.
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MOUNTED ON: 1998  Ford,  8.3 Cummins,  Allison Automatic MD 3060,  AC,  131 k Miles,  Bench Seat,  Front Hydraulic Winch,  AM/FM,  Hendrickson Rear Suspension

DIGGER:  Altec  3050 Digger Derrick,  Riding Console,  2 Speed Digger Head & Pole Claws,  22,250 LB.  Cap.  with 10,000 LB. Cap. @ 45 Degrees,  Boom Tip Winch

PRICE: $25,500



2 Speed Digger.
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TRUCK:  2001 Freightliner FL 80,  8.3 Cummins,  Automatic,  51 k Miles,  4859 PTO hours,  Bench Seat,  Front Winch

DIGGER:  Altec D 947,  Rear Center Mount,  Riding Console,  Upper Controls,  Pin on Bucket,  14,000 Lb. Capacity,  2 Speed Digger,  Pole Claws,  Heel WInch,  47 Foot Sheave Height,  Pintle Hitch,  Hydraulic Tool Circuits

PRICE: $34,500



Digger truck with pole claws.
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TRUCK:  1997 Freightliner FL 70,  8.3 Cummins,  Automatic,  AC,  Front Winch,  131k Miles

DIGGER:  Altec D945,  Dual Controls,  Upper Controls,  3 Stage Hydraulic,  Pole Claws,  2 Speed Digger Head,  4 Hydraulic Outriggers,  27,000 Lb. Capacity,  Heel Winch,  Pole Carrier, Altec Line Body with Pintle Hitch

PRICE: $23,500


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